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  • Personal Services

    In order to avoid unhappy married life, it would be better to have adequate prior information about the prospective bride and bridegroom.

  • Corporate Services

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  • Special Services

    Having a beautiful and satisfying marriage life can only be wonderment if both partners are loyal and trustworthy.

  • Legal Services

    The type of support services presented will depend on the needs of the legal representative.

  • Master mind

    The collection of the evidences is fully admissible in the court.

DS Detective Agency is a licensed private detective agency
(Reg no. U74920MHPTC144119)that specializes in all matters requiring professional investigations. We employ only highly trained investigators, many of whom have earned college degrees ranging from Criminal Justice to Finance. .

We are here to assist you twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week.The equipment we use to assist us in conducting our investigations is truly state of the art.

In the current scenario of cut throat challenges, information, be it any variety, is solely accountable for the understanding of one’s aims. This happens equally on, the specialized as well as public fronts. A conclusion made today or an incorrect step taken today may have terrible consequences later on and hence one need to think about many other aspects to make clear in your mind that their decision is right. . Read more →

Our Services
DS Detective's are specialist in following Services
  • Personal Services

    1.Pre-Matrimonial Investigations
    2.Missing Persons
    3.Alimony / Divorce Cases
    4.Spouse Fidelity
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  • Corporate Services

    1.Pre-Employment Verifications
    2.Frauds, Cheating & Embezzlements
    3.Under-Cover Operations
    4.Patent, Trademark & Copyright Infringement
    5.Due Diligence, Credit Worthiness & Competitive Intelligence
    6.Bank Fraud
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  • Special Services

    1.Property Investigation
    2.Mobile Investigation
    3.Finger Print Verifications
    4.Handwriting Verifications
    5.Negotiations / Representations
    6.Bugging / Debugging / Audio Recordings/ Video Surveillance
    7.Still Photography
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  • Legal Services

    1.Litigation Support
    2.Obtaining Proof and Evidence
    3.Process Serving
    4.Verification of Insurance Claims
    5.Identifying and Witness Location
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