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Truth is the ultimate factor which prompts an individual or an organization to go beyond the horizon and break the boundaries. The real picture of an incident or the real image of a person always remains hidden. The exact truth is difficult to be brought out in front of the world. It requires time and patience. Along with this, a systematic methodology has to be followed in order to reach to the coveted goal. A meticulous planning has to be framed and carried out with utmost precision. Over the years, fraud cases, cheating, extra marital affairs, pre matrimonial affairs, forgery, etc. have increased to a great level. Current society is a place of cheating where blood relations also backstab at times. Today, faith stands for nothing. It has become a mere word of our vocabulary. In this competitive world, loyalty is simply taken for granted. So, to make the society alert and conscious about their peers, DS Detectives has to come into being.

It is a licensed (Reg no. U74920MHPTC144119) Detective Agency in Mumbai which uses experienced defense professionals and advanced equipment for finding out the hidden truth. Established with the sole motive of finding the truth, we have always strived to bring out the real face of a convict. Our cut-throat approach makes us even more effective. Moreover, the agents of DS Detectives are known for their agility and knowledge. Wittiness and versatility are the charismatic features which separate these agents from the normal mass. Digital video camera and vehicle tracking system that we use for carrying out an investigation are immaculate in their functioning. Quirky strategies and methodical approach set us apart from the normal spies and other detective agencies of India.

detective agency in India

Be it any personal problem or any corporate affair, DS Detectives has proficiency over every area. Backed by strong bench strength of expert and intellectual personnel, our agency offers services for pre matrimonial investigations, alimony/divorce cases, spouse fidelity, bank fraud, forensic investigations, kidnapping, pre employment verifications and many other allied areas of cheating and forgery. We, with an amicable relationship with government investigation department, have successfully solved numerous delicate cases with great precision. We are symbol of trust where people can bank on any given day.

Live your life with full information and understanding of your surroundings. Let the doubt get out of the window of your mind. Be on the right side and support the truth. Kill the fear that is killing you from inside. With DS Detectives, live a life of dignity which promises faith and hope. Hold our arms and help us in building a new society which is based on justice and truth.

detective agency in Mumbai