Obtaining Proof and Evidence

Obtaining Proof and Evidence Mumbai

SObtaining Proof and Evidence

You are fighting a legal case in the court and you are even telling the truth, but you don’t have a substantive evidence to prove your statement, then the fight is of no use. Evidence is one of the most important entities to prove you in the court of law so that youcan take a dominant stand. If you are true, but lack substantive evidence or witness, then the court will never accept the truth. So, obtaining Proof and Evidence becomes the major task to prove yourselves and make your case strong.

No legal battle is fought without substantive evidence and to assist you, we “DS Detective Agency” helps you obtain evidence in all the cases such as criminal, civil and administrative.We do all the investigations secretly with utmost discretion, so that no alarm is raised for the subject. Your identity will be anonymous and the information will be provided to you after every possible investigation. We also deal with various disputed document problems such as Bank Fraud Cases or Alterations. Sometimes, you come with evidences that are not admissible in court. So, don’t worry! We bring you the evidences that are fully admissible in the court which makes your case stronger. We are a specialist in Matrimonial cases, and we keep all the things secret and confidential from everyone except the client. Even, your family will not know that we are investigating something. If you are true, then you should win the case and justice should be served. So, lacking substantive evidence is not such a big problem if we are here. Approach us and let the people know, “Truth prevails”